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Alfred Werner Maurer
Born 3 October 1945
Residence SaarbrückenSaarland Germany
Nationality German
Known for international German architect , Archaeology, in SyriaLebanonEnglandFranceSpain and Swiss.
Scientific career
Fields ArchaeologyUrban plannerarchitectsarchitectural historianart historian
Institutions Maurer Associates Architects, Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft Berlin, University of the Saarland
Doctoral advisor Peter Volkelt
Doctoral students University of the Saarland
Influences Rudolf Olgiati
Gottfried Böhm
Rolf Hachmann
Winfried Orthmann
Hans Erich Kubach
Wilhelm Messerer
Wolfgang Götz
Friedrich Hiller
Frauke Stein
Peter Volkelt

Alfred Werner Maurer (*1945 in Saarbrücken ) is an international German architecturban plannerarchitectural historianarchaeologists and art historian


Alfred Werner Maurer studied from 1964 to 1968 at the College of Engineering and Sciences of the Saarland, 1969-1970 at the Ulm School of Design, the Institute for Environmental Planning of the University of Stuttgart and from 1970 to 1972 at the University of Innsbruck Architecture and the Kaiserslautern University of Technology and regional planning . He received his graduate degree specializing in architecture and urban planning. From 1973 to 1977 he studied at the University of the Saarland Art historyClassical archaeologyPrehistory and Early History and Near Eastern archaeology. His professors included Wolfgang GötzRolf HachmannFriedrich HillerHans Erich KubachWilhelm MessererWinfried OrthmannFrauke Stein and Peter Volkelt. Subsequently, he was a PhD student at Peter Volkelt with the dissertation topic " palace buildings of the 19th Century in France . In 1973, he participated as a researcher at the University of Saarland in Saarbrücken under the direction of Rolf Hachmann in the excavations at Tell Kamid al lawz (or Kamid el-Loz) (Kumidi) in Lebanonpart. In 1974 he was a research associate at the University of Saarland at the Winfried Orthmann directed excavation of the 5000-year-old city of Tall plant Munbāqa (also Ekalte (Mumbaqat)) in northern Syria. 1977 Maurer became the excavation director in Mumbaqat in Syria for the Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaftappointed and the University of the Saarland. At the same time, he took a position as professor of urban planning, architecture and archeology in his hometown. At the same time he worked as an architect and architectural historian. Among other things, he was in the 1980s in the reorganization of Saarbrücken Castleand the History Museum Saar involved.

Alfred Werner Maurer was also active in sports, he was a board member of the German Fencing Association, Board member of the National Sports Association Saar,Fencing Federation President Interregio Saar-Lor-Lux-Elsass-Südwest, President of the Federal fencers Saar.

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